Best Spelling and Grammar Checker Tools for WordPress 2019.

Best Spelling and Grammar Checker Tools for WordPress 2019.

Are you tired of your spelling and Grammar mistakes? Don’t worry Even experienced writer can also do a mistake. Here we are going to discuss Top 3 Best spelling and Grammar checker tools.


Grammarly is very popular nowadays, and it’s an online grammar checker tool available as a browser extension for Google Chrome, and Firefox. Grammarly can check grammar mistake and spelling mistake. Grammarly also provides a free version which corrects your spelling mistake and some minor grammar mistakes. In the Paid version, it gives you all features where you can correct Advance level of grammar mistake

Grammar Checker Tools


Ginger is second most famous after Grammarly. Ginger also fix your spelling and grammar mistakes. It also have browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. In WordPress you have to switch text into Text editor for better result.

Spelling and Grammar Checker Tools
Spelling and Grammar Checker Tools


Hemingway is Third in our list according to best spelling and grammar checker tool. Hemingway is a web-based text editor, and the main drawback of this Grammar checker tool is it doesn’t work directly on WordPress’s post. For this, you have to buy a Paid version which can work directly on your WordPress.

Why Grammarly is best ?

Grammarly easy to use and very fast if you compare it with other. Grammarly has Add-on also aviavble for Chrome and Firefox. You can easily use

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