Blog Commenting Sites for Niche

Blog Commenting Sites for Niche

Niche website & Micro Niche website

We all know if you want to earn money through your site. The easiest way to make money is a Niche website. If you are working on Niche Topic with less competition with the right amount of traffic then surely this is a good deal. Today people are working on Micro Niche just because they found Micro Niche is also a Good and profitable as compare to Niche website. In a micro niche website, you need to work on sub-topic of the main topic. For example, let’s talk about if your Car enthusiasm and you started a blog on a car. The car is your niche topic, and if you had some good knowledge about alloy wheels and started your new blog about alloy wheels, then it will be your micro niche because alloy wheel is a subpart of Car.

Why Micro Niche is popular nowadays.

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of Micro niche is less competition and a large amount of traffic. It needs fewer SEO efforts if you compare it with Niche.

SEO of Micro Niche to rank high.

Well, SEO technique of micro niche and other websites like news, games, and blogs are the same. The ranking factor of micro Niche depends upon the same element such as DA, PR score, High DA backlinks, Moz trust and Speed of the website.

How to find Blog commenting sites for particular Niche.

To rank First on Google page, you must have good knowledge about the SEO. How is it works on Google? DA PA score, Moz trust, Backlink play a significant role in SEO till now. Whether it’s a, DO follow or No follow backlinks still they are they are in use. So if you have a blog or have a niche website and you need a relevant backlink for your site. So, this will help your website to rank high on Google. But, how to find these relevant websites according to your Niche?

Don’t worry I’m going to help you in this case. Open your Google and Type your particular keyword in between inverted comma   “ your keyword” after that press space button and use an inverted comma and type commentluv “commentluv”  tab search button. It will show you open commenting blogs and websites regarding your keyword.

Use this in Google search “keyword” “commentluv”.

Let’s talk about how this works. If you write down your particular keyword and commentluv in an inverted comma with a space between them tab search, then Google crawler will search for it simultaneously.

Blog Commenting Sites

We all know commentLuv always found in the comment section. So Google’s Crawlers will search for your particular keyword and commentluv and give you desire result regarding your keyword search.


Here you can get an idea from where you will able to get backlinks from relevant blogs and websites.

If you have any Question regarding Niche website backlink commenting feel free to ask. Write a message in the comment section and we will answer it.

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