Top 5 Blog Niche List that can drive traffic to your Blog

Top 5 Blog Niche List that can drive traffic to your Blog

Hello, Do you want best niche with tons of Traffic? Well, i know you answer is YES!! So main thing which decides your traffic is your relevant keyword. So choose right keyword for a niche blog.

There are many Niche available with tons of traffic. Niche itself is nothing it’s your keyword research and strategy that make it successful — many People were working on Niche with tons of traffic but not able to drive traffic because their approach is weak or they missed out something. So with perfect Niche, you have to work on your SEO to get a better result.

Top 5 Blog Niche List:

  • Personal Development
  • Home Decor
  • Home Office Desgin
  • Consulting
  • Memes

Personal Development

This niche is very famous, and tons of books publish on this theme in a few years. Personal Development is a personality development which includes influencer other by self-development and Improves your weakness. If you are a Good Speaker and Influencer, you can make your Youtube channel or a Blog and start working on this niche.

Home Decor

If you Love to Decorate your Room and Home with Wooden craft and Art then this niche is for you. Home Decor niche has good amount of traffic and quite popular among house hold. If you have unique idea about Decoration then you can work on this Niche.

Home Office Desgin

Blog Niche List
Blog Niche List

Now a days many people are working from home. So its very important from them to get a office atmosphere in home. So if you have an ideas about the office Design for Home. You can choose this niche.


Blog Niche List
Blog Niche List

It consist of many types like Finance, Relationship, Business, Taxation and Strategy etc. In Consulting you have to give consult a matter regarding their kind. If you have experience and skills, you can start working on this niche.

Gifs and meme

Now a days memes are in trend and memes has large fan following. If you are good at sarcasm and trolling you should take this a niche. The main disadvantage of this niche is you need to more updated on this niche blog because your blog posts and memes will not be evergreen, traffic will also fluctuate as per trends and viral stuff.

Note: Relevant Keyword plays an important role here. Traffic of the niche blog depends upon your Seo Strategy. Seo right niche with the right keyword is the first step and second is implement right Seo techniques.

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