Domain Authority | How to increase Domain Authority.

Domain Authority | How to increase Domain Authority.


Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking parameter, or you can say it a ranking score developed by Moz.  It gives you an idea about how well website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). A Domain Authority score ranges from one to 100, with higher scores mean high rank and more Trusted Domain.

Domain Authority is based on multiple factors, including outside linking. You can compare by their High Domain Authority.


Page Rank is a search engine Parameter, which is developed by Google. It does also give you an idea about the rank of the page rank on Google. It has 0 to 10 score range, higher the score higher will be the page rank on Google search engine.

Difference between DA vs. PR

The single and main difference between Da and PR. Domain Authority measures the overall ranking of entire domains or subdomain, But PR only measures the Page Rank Individually.

Scale DA Score

Domain Authority
  •  0 to 9 is OK
  •  10 to 30 is Good.
  •  31 to 60 is Excellent
  • Above 70 is Powerful DA

How to find out DA of your Website.

There is plenty of option from you can find out Da of your website. There are some paid tools like Arhef and Moz from which you can see your Da and backlinks. Also, there are some few free tools by which you can look at your Da scores.

DA checker and PR checker

DA includes what factors.

These are the main factor included in DA

  • The number of incoming links targeting to your website.
  • The quality and related incoming links
  • The quality of your website’s content
  • Social networks linking
  • Your website’s SEO performance.

How to increase a DA?

Here I will discuss how you can increase the Da of your website, I have described it in 5 steps.

Domain Authority

You must know that DA depends upon the SEO. If you have overall good SEO, then DA is also good. If you have bad SEO then it goes the same for DA too.

1. Work on the off page SEO

It includes backlinks from the High DA Website, and these links must be from related websites. You need to target multi websites of different domain names of High DA.

2.On Page SEO

It includes words of articles and optimized Title of an article. Use of Heading 1 (H1) and Heading 2 (H2). Url of the website must contain a title. Interlinking your content within your site.

3.Mobile Friendly Website

If you want to rank your website fast on google, then you can’t miss this. Make your website mobile friendly. Today people use more of a mobile phone instead of a computer. You have to use AMP that is acceleration mobile pages. Which help you to decrease your website page time load. If you are a WordPress user, you can get tons of plugins.

You can even check your website page speed according to PC and Mobile.

Check Speed of Page

4.use of social media

Domain Authority

Nowadays social media play a big role in SEO. If your website has good social connectivity then surely your site will rank fast on google and will catch a good amount of traffic too. Also, this will help your website to get high DA.

5. Google voice search optimization

This searched option now expanding rapidly, 30% of the search on google is by voice mostly used by below 30-year-old group circle.

Domain Authority

You must focus on How voice search works and make an article by remembering Google voice search.

Also check: voice search optimization

This one is more important 6. Be Patient

Yes, Be Patient. For SEO you have to wait at least a 2 month, only if you have chosen a unique Keyword. SEO is not a thing which works in one day it takes time. If you are working on a medium competition keyboard, then you need an at least 3 to 4 month depends upon your tactics of SEO.


High Da website performance is excellent on Google, that’s mean right amount of traffic and High-quality backlinks. Same for Low DA website performance is terrible as compare it with High DA. DA of a website depends upon the SEO, Age, mobile-friendly platform, Backlinks and Social indulgent of a site.

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