Top 2 Best Free Keyword Research Tool | 2019.

Top 2 Best Free Keyword Research Tool | 2019.

Best Free Keyword Research Tool.

Rank High on search engines depends upon varies factors. Keyword research is one of them. Keyword research plays a significant role in SEO. Traffic on your blog and website depends upon which keyword you are using. So quality traffic is the end result of SEO and Keyword is a factor on which traffic depends. There are many Paid tool available in the market like Ahref, Moz, Semrush, etc. There are Tons of paid option available in the market.

Also, There are number of free keyword research tool also available in market but they are not totally free. We are going to talk about the Two tools those are free and best alternative of Paid one.

1.Google Keyword Plannercheckout

These are totally free and alternative to paid keyword research tools.

Google keyword planner is mostly used Free tool for keywords research. It is straightforward to use and used by Millions. You need Gmail email to log in Google Keyword Planner. After login into Keyword Planner, you will see.

You will have these Two options one is Find new Keyword and second is Get search volume and forecasts

Click the first one and put your desired keyword on which you want to do research and click enter. You will get all list of bunches of options like clicks, volume, and Keywords, etc. Check out below, and you can export file on your computer by clicking the “Export” bottom of the right-hand side of a Computer screen.

UberSuggest is free and best Keyword research tool by Neil Patel and one of the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner. You dont need to log in here you can search random here. It will show you the same options which are demonstrated by Google keyword planner. It also gives keywords ideas according to your researching keywords.

In the picture, you can see a search volume which means the number of searching regarding this keyword. SEO difficulty shows ranking difficulties. Paid difficulty shows Paid promotion difficulties.

When you scroll down the Keyword overview page. You will see keyword ideas of the researching keyword.

These are One of the Best and Also Alternative to each other and other paid tools too. If you have any questions regarding Keyword Research Tool, let us know below comment section.

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