Future of blogging

Future of blogging

Blogging is a platform where people can share any information related to niche topics, and many people in blogging not just because of money but they love to write their experiences and wants to help others.  Well, the future of blogging is Bright, but if you are talking about the websites blogging, then I will say now a day’s people prefer a video rather than reading an article. That’s mean 2020 will be the end of blogging? Well, NO blogging is evergreen but people like videos more than reading a text. Because video is an easy form to get info rather than reading an article. But it doesn’t mean text blogging is going to end.

There are many people throughout the world, who love to read. So blogging is still a better option for those who love Text blog over the video but this is also a true Blogging interest is decreasing. In the year 2020 blogging audience will decrease up to 20% because of Blogging related informative videos.

Future of blogging 2019

According to a survey in coming next years.  Nearly 70% will be swift to videos blog rather than Website blogging. So we have four many points from where you can maintain your blog’s traffic and even increase it.

  • Add videos to the blog.

As mentioned in 2 paragraphs in coming next year the future of blogging is going to be a Video because it will cover 70% of the audience of blogging. So start making Video for your blog. Other words you can say add more relevant videos to your blog according to the topic. If you provide a video to your audience, then they will not switch to YouTube or other Video blogs.

  • Make your blog more mobile friendly

This factor will help you to get a better rank in the future. As you know now a day, more than computers people use mobiles to search for anything.

Future of blogging 2019

If you have good optimize a website with AMP then surely its will going to rank as fast. Because the mobile user is more than a computer user so the site must have AMP so the mobile user can experience fast speed.

  • Produce more posts with videos

Neil Patel says it takes reading up to more than five pieces of content before a reader starts the buying process. That is clearly showing if you’re giving information from your blog, you need to give readers enough material for them to find five pieces that appeal to them enough to read because in the end Content is the king. Make sure you post a blog at least with one video each for a post.

  • Make a YouTube Channel.

Now a day creating a video channel is like you can make your own audience base by providing them information about your Niche Topic. You can transfer your audience from blog to YouTube also, the vice verse you can also transfer your YouTube audience to blog.

Future of blogging 2019

Its future proof, you have to focus on both audiences whether it’s a video watching people or website blog reading people.


As per above article if you want to grab your audience and make your blogging a future proof, then you should work on 4points that mentioned above.

In the upcoming year people are going for videos rather than a lengthy article, but still, there is some audience who will come for text blog. You need to work for both by making videos in the blog and by creating a YouTube channel.

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