Google Listing, How to use it to grow your business

Google Listing, How to use it to grow your business

What is Google listing?

In simple words we can say Google listing is putting your website, contact number and physical store on Google platform whether it’s a search engine or on the map. Google also has a listing platform where you can list your business details and location. In the old days business advertisement always depend upon on Phone directories and banners.

Now a day’s story is entirely different now you have to Post it on Google Listing platform and it will increase your Business. In this service, you can expand your customer service to the next level. Here, Google My Business will be providing you with a dashboard. Where you can respond to customer reviews and add images to help your business stand out also. Even you can list it on the map and it will help customers to reach out you easily.

Google listing main motive is to attract local customers. In Survey it’s shown that in U.S household do more than 80% of shopping within 18miles of the house. So Google Listing is a good offer from this you can attract local people. More than 40% of the search is on Google are local. So you must understand why Local SEO is more important for business now.

Here you can see as I searched for bakery nearby me, it has shown me the location and First Three pictures of the bakery in top position these result known as Google Snack Pack. Google Snack shows you when a local search is done on Google’s search engine. Google’s Snack Pack box displays the top 3 local business listings which are most relevant to the search inquiry by local.

Google Listing

You can see the above picture. Top Free search is Google’s Snack Pack box.

More than 35% of clicks go to these Google’s top 3 Snack Pack boxes and rest goes to the other snack and organic searches. People click snack pack more than organic search results. 56% of the audience clicks to snack rather than organic search.

Google Listing

Here you can see that below Google’s Snack Pack box lots of search results for Best bakeries in Vegas.


Google Listing (Google My Business) is a better option nowadays. It will increase your local business. Still, more than 55% of the market is not listed on Google, so it’s a better time to register it on Google. Even, you can check local Seo article where we describe it in detail and will help you get better Top position in snack pack.

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