Google PageRank matters in 2019 | Why PageRank No longer Public?

Pagerank 2019

Google PageRank still matters in 2019. Let’s suppose you are a Google main Purpose of you is to give the best user experience to audiences. There are Millions of pages uploaded on daily base and Page Rank factor is very important to monitor their status. PageRank parameter of Google provides a Score to the pages from scale 1 to 10.

pagerank 2019
pagerank 2019

Google has 200 raking factors and PageRank is still one of them. Higher the PageRank higher will be the chance to rank high on Google.

How do i can find PageRank

There are tons of free and paid tool available in market. But these tools only recreate Google Pagerank Algorithm to give a similar score.

How to increase PageRank in 2019

  • Genrate Link Building inside the post.
  • Inter-Linking within website
  • Publish Images and Video
  • Keep maintain Regularity

pankrank 2019
pankrank 2019

Generate Link Building inside the post:

Some says Link building is alternate to Backlinks. So make sure you have post and try to build a link with other website of same niche.

Inter-Linking within website:

Its a Same as the Link building but here you have to link within your website.

Publish Images and Video:

You Should Publish images and video regarding the content. It’s also one of the leading factors on which ranking in Google depends.


Regularity is essential in SEO. Keep updating your website and Post unique content with proper research.

Why Google’s PageRank no Longer in Public?

Many Links Farms and Freelancer comes out and starts buying and selling of links. They start manipulating inbound links to websites, or outbound links from your website to impact your Page Rank. To get Good Ranking and High Page Rank and all these practices lead to violating of their Webmaster Guidelines.

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