Google Search Website

Google Search Website

From Google website search you can search your website indexing on Google and also you can see its Title and sub-description. You don’t need to submit your full lengthy URL starting from https:// or www for search, Google Web crawler are very powerful and can easily find your website just by putting your site name.

How to get Search your website on Google

Open Your Google Frontpage and in search box write down site: and after that add url of your website.

Google Search Website

(Place your website’s url in google search box

As shown in the above picture and after that hit the search button. You will see all Page related to your website are indexed on Google search.

Also, you can submit  “Site:url” in the url bar of the browser. Check out below picture.

Google Search Website

Google search within the website

if you are looking for some article within your site then go and type in Google bar or URL bar Tricks let’s take an example tricks is an article on your’s website.

Google Search Website

Google crawler will show you precisely about the article you are searching within your website at search result of your site.

If your website is not showing listing on Google.

Following are the reason if your website is not showing on Google, Google crawler may miss your site due to the following reason.

Google does not crawl the new site or newly Launched website.

Error in design and coding defect in a website.

Sitemap Error, Your site map is not uploading due to some reason.

Duplicate Content published on your website.

DNS issue, Google Crawler spider is not reaching your website.

Search  .org .edu .gov

Even you can search .edu, .org and .gov websites. All you need to do just put .gov or . edu after Site:

Like this Site: .org in the search bar of Google and URL box.

Google Search Website

In the above picture, we have searched for .org websites and search result is full of .org websites. Like this, you can search for other sites also.


Here, we have provided you with all the information about the Google Search Website, if you have any question regarding this lets us know in the comment section below.

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