High quality backlinks Site List | Do & No Follow Backlink

High quality backlinks Site List | Do & No Follow Backlink

A backlink is a link that makes a bridge or link between one website to another website online linking of one website or blog with other wesbite known as backlink.

If that linking of a website comes out from High Domain Authority so its known as High DA backlinks. These Backlinks are of two type one is Dofollow and another one is Nofollow backlink.

#1. What is DoFollow Backlink

The Do-Follow Backlink is the link which allow Google Crawler and Other search engine crawler to go through and provide us a backlink and link juice. Where you can put your website’s URL and your relevant keyword in anchor text. Anchor Text are very useful if you are looking to rank your article on particular keyword then must write keyword in anchor area.

For example

<a href=”http://www.Seoinwebsite.com/”>Dofollow backlink for Seo 2020</a>

Check picture below, Where we have explained it.

High quality backlinks Site List

Anchor text is the main keyword related to a website or blog. That mentioned in a hyperlink which helps your article to rank on a particular keyword used in anchor text.

#2. What is No Follow Backlink.

No follow links do not allow search engine Crawlers to follow the link and only Humans can able to follow these No follow links. This will only make a link between your website and other websites without no juice link.

For example

<a href=”http://www.seoinwebiste.com/” rel=”nofollow”>no follow backlink 2019</a>

Note : Google also count no follow backlink for good page rank.

Top 12 High DA website List

High DA DoFollow Backlinks DA Score
vimeo.com  99
reddit.com 98
Google.com/bookmarks 98
Myspace.com 95
Tumblr.com 98
Scoop.it 92
Digo.it 92
Slashdot.org 91
Folkd.com 87
theverge.com 93
visual.ly 87
dailykos.com 86

Average Top DA backlink website

Average DA Do follow link Website. DA Score
blogengage.com 54
blogbookmark.com 46
techspy.com 49
url.org 74
managewp.org 47
authorstream.com 77
successfulblogging.com 63
bloggingtips.com 57

List of DoFollow Subdirectories


List of Dofollow backlink Directories DA
sitepromotiondirectory.com 81
alistdirectory.com 83
highrankdirectory.com 85
somuch.com 99
britainbusinessdirectory.com 99

Conclusion:  High quality backlinks Site List

Here we provided you all required High quality backlinks Site List. Where you can post your website and can get high DA. If you haven’t understand something write us down in comment section below and we will response that soon. For more article related to SEO and other Tricks and Tips do visit to other article and Keep it as Bookmark.

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