Internal Links Building | Boost & Improve Seo

Internal Links Building | Boost & Improve Seo

A very few Blogger give preference to links building within a website or Blog. But let me tell you by internal linking you can Boost and Improve your Seo. Many famous bloggers are using this linking technique so they can have competitor edge on the Seo point of view.

What is Internal Links Building?

It’s a Linking that take place within the Blog & website. In this process of linking you can link a related content to the web-pages across your website.

Internal Links
Internal Links

If you are new to links building technique and don’t know how it works then let me tell you in brief.

Have you ever noticed a word with a link when you click it redirects you on related content of webpage or website? As you can see in below image “Trust Score of website” linked with related content of the same website. When you click, it will redirect you on Another page of same or other website’s page according to your connected link.

Internal Links: Example

After clicking “Trust Score of website/blog,” it will redirect you on a webpage which linked with those words. As I linked those words to my Domain authority Checker page so you will see that page. I hope you got what exactly internal link building stands for.

Internal Links :Example

External linking: If you link another website to your website, this will be known as External and Outgoing linking. For example, if I link a word of my post to another website like Wikipedia or any other site is recognized by out-linking. When your linking take place within your blog or website is known as interlinking(Internal linking)

Advantage of Internal Linking

  • Bring Traffic to Old posts.
  • Reduce Charge Back
  • Improve User Reading experience

Things to Avoid in Internal linking

  • Avoid Too much linking in one post.
  • Don’t Link exact keyword of the related content.
  • Use of open new tab whenever someone clicks it.

For instance, select a word on which you want content linking and press the link button as shown in the below image.

After that paste url inside a link bar and hit the enter button. After that select three vertical points and enable open in a tab.

  • Avoid unnecessary linking


If you have posted a blog and don’t have any internal linking in your articles, then you can start editing them. Internal Linking is one of the factors affecting ranking so work on it.

If you have any question regarding Internal links building, you can ask in the comment section below.

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