list of lifetime free domain website and hosting

list of lifetime free domain website and hosting

Free Domain and Hosting | SSL

Hello, are you looking for Free domain and hosting? If you are a beginner and don’t want to pay bucks for domain and hosting. So these websites can help you to get the Domain and hosting.
These websites which are given below in the list is providing a lifetime hosting, and some of them also offer a free SSL certificate.

free domain and hosting
free domain and hosting

If you are going to pursuing a career in the blogging world, then this is not going to work for yours. You need to go for a premium Hosting plan. This not mean that these are not of any worth. If you are starting a small blog, then you can start it from here, and when you start getting the money, then you can upgrade to premium. But if you are going to start with Big website and Big Blog, so you need to buy a proper hosting like Hostgator, Bluehost, and siteground, etc

List of the websites providing you a Free Domain and hosting and SSL.

freehosting Hosting and Domain
profreehost Hosting and Domain
freehosting Hosting and Domain/ provide SSL and SSD

Some of them are not providing an SSL certificate, but you can get it from Cloudflare very easily.

One Question may be coming in your mind, why they are providing a free domain and hosting?

free domain and hosting

So the answer is quite easy. They are offering you a free service to grow their user base, and later someone of them will be going to upgrade.
Use of these website services is useful when you are a new and trying hand in this blogging world. If you want it big and website with Cpanel then you should go for another big name out in markets.


Here, we have provided you a list from where you can get free Domain and hosting server. For beginner its an excellent opportunity to learn how to make blog and websites. Seo techniques for these websites are will be the same as other perieum hosting and domain

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