Make Google my Homepage

Make Google my Homepage

In the Internet’s world Google is the most used search engine on the Internet for searching. If you want to set your homepage of the browser as Google whether you are using Chrome, & Firefox.

Make Google Homepage on Google Chrome

Frist open your Google Chrome and after that open your click on first hand side top most 3point lie in vertical.

Make Google my Homepage

See above black arrow above showing 3 points. You need to click them, and a small window will pop up. You need to choose the setting in that.

Make Google my Homepage

After that it will redirect you on setting page and you have to enable the Show homepage button in appearance section.

Below Appearance section you need to go Search engine section here you can select any of the search engine as a homepage in your browser.

Click on Manage Search engine and after that, it will and show you option where you can write and add you’re a preferred search engine to which you are going to use for Browering and homepage.

Make Google my Homepage on Firefox

Open your Firefox and same as the chrome you need to click on 3 line lie to parallel each other at the top right of the browser. After that you need to select a setting option and it will redirect you on General section.

Make Google my Homepage

Click on Home logo and select Homepage and new windows in Home section of the Firefox. Here you can choose custom url and type your preferable search engine.

Make Google my Homepage


Here we have teaches you how to make Google my Homepage.
If you have any question regarding that let us know below in comment box.

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