Use Pinterest Marketing Tips | Free Traffic to your Blog

Use Pinterest Marketing Tips | Free Traffic to your Blog

Social media now a day is becomes a part of our Daily life. They have Billion of traffic as per month. Even Pinterest have more than 25 million of monthly traffic.

One thing that makes Pinterest different from other social media app is, It contained the outstanding quality of Traffic. You can even promote your blog on Pinterest by Paid Ads too. Pinterest is far better than Twitter.

Pinterest Marketing
Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is the world’s Top 500 companies by Fortune. Pinterest has two types of account one is simple, and another one is Business account. I advise you to use Business if you are using Pinterest as a marketing tool.

Pinterest Overview

  • Feed of Pinterest is mostly the same as another Famous social media app. Feed of Pinterest consists of Pin, Board, Tries, Follower, and Following.
  • Pin in Pinterest consists of Images and /videos According to your Topic. You can also give Link to the image to it source to get traffic.
Pinterest Marketing
Pinterest Marketing
  • Board Its like a group which consists of Pins in it. in other words its a collection of Pins.
  • Tries suggest you an option to add new Pins.
  • Follower and Following show you a list of people who are following and followed by you.

Pinterest Marketing Tips About blog’s Traffic

  • The first thing you need to understand more than 92% of people use Pinterest for Research of the Product they are interested in buying. People use it as Google And Bing We can say this. So it’s essential for you to Select Suitable Keyword Phrase to get targeted audience. Make sure about Pin’s keyword to get traffic.
  • Regularity is key to Traffic not only on Google but here too. So make at least Good quality of pin on your Board. Use 735 x 1102 px Images for Pinterest.
  • Try to Save other People’s Pin to get more involvement in Pinterest.
  • Do Reasearch about your Competitor and try to make Pin more interested and unique.

Conclusion : Follow these step and you will see change in traffic. Getting Traffic is not that easy and it take time. If you have any question your can ask in comment section below.

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