SEO 2020, How SEO is going to change?

SEO 2020 is going to change into Voice Search. As an Estimated more than 55% of search queries are going to Voice search. That’s mean less traffic in your blog because voice searches are always a single answer. Google shows answer on its Feedback block and people don’t need to go into website to check for answer.

When you search on Google about “What is SEO” Check out below image for its answer.

SEO 2020

As you can see from above picture. People will get Queries answer in Feedback block so it will lead to less traffic on your website and blogs.

How to optimize voice search SEO

Simplicity is a key factor here in Voice search SEO. Make sure you have written an article in Simple language. You can check by yourself mostly query answer in by Google in less words and always given in simple language.

HTTPS also plays a significant role here. Mostly Answers are from HTTPS website not HTTP.

Snippet Feature must be enable, more than 40% of voice searches are come from Snippet.

Title of the post and article must be of exact simpler to the phrases, which people often use to ask Google for instance “how can I buy online.” Google will give you that question answer.

seo 2020
seo 2020

Make sure you will Take care of these thing to get Slow and steady start according to Future of SEO.

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