SEO Images and Image Optimizer

SEO Images and Image Optimizer

Images Play a vital role in the SEO field, and you should take care of your website’s images in SEO for better Ranking. There is some Factors which you need to follow for better SEO of Image.

Image in SEO consist of 5 main Factors.

  1. URL: make sure you have correct url attached to blog for its Featured image.
  2. Title: use relevant Title of the image as per the blog’s Topic. The image also displays relevance according to a topic.
  3. Alt Text: It is alternate text is an attribute added to an image tag in HTML. You can find out an image by alt text very quickly and easily.
  4. Site map: Make sure all images on your blogs are added to the site map also.
  5. Host on the Same Server: Be sure your Blog and Images are the on same server.

Check out these five steps and make your Image SEO better.

Also, make sure that you are using the optimise Images for good speed of the website/blog. If you are using high-quality heavy images for blogs, it will increase your load time, and that will result in the downfall of ranking because load time will make your blog/website open slow. And, Search engines want to give fast and knowledgeable material to the audience if your website/blog is slow due to large memorey images it will decrease your ranking because the speeding factor is one of the most critical factors in SEO ranking.

Image Optimizer

Well, There are many options available to optimize the image. If you are using WordPress for blog/website you can use plugins. There is plenty of plugins option out there. EWWW Image Optimizer, Smush Image Optimizer and short pixel Image Optimizer.

Online Image Optimizer: Also, you can use Image Optimizer through online. For this you need to search for “Image Optimizer” and you will get plenty of options.

seo images

Window Paint: select your Image which you want to optimize for blog/website and right click and click edit. now hold CTRL + W and select pixel and give desire size. Check out Image below to get an idea.

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