How to rank on Google

how to rank on Google

Hello, are you searching for “how to rank on Google,” i.e., the first page of Google’s Search result to be more accurate? Well, you are in the right place. Ranking on Google depends on varies fact like.

You have to work smartly on these four topics for Better Ranking on Google. It is an old saying in this Blogging world “Content is a king” but not today, it’s a Uniqueness of the content, which is a Real king. Firstly you have to understand, How to work in this Blogging world. Every new journey begins with Motivation and inspiration. If you don’t have passion, you can’t succeed in your field. I have started blogging in 2014 but didn’t carry it for too long because of lack interest in it, and that’s a one of the main reason why at that time my articles did not rank on Google. If you don’t have an interest in blogging, but you are doing it for money, then this field is not for you.  You have to make your interest in this field of blogging.

Now, you will say how to make an interest in this field? If you think the answer is quite simple by writing a blog on your passion or anything you like and on the topic where you have in-depth knowledge about it. Well, nowadays you have to focus more on Uniqueness of the subject rather than on Viral topic. This is a key to Success in the blogging world.

    • Write Blog on Topic, where you have deep knowledge about it.
    • The uniqueness of the topic
    • Patience

These are the three mantras of blogging which will help you a lot in the future if you are going to work on these. All three facts are relevant. If you have dept knowledge about the subject, then you can add uniqueness in your Blog’s topic, and your patience will help you to get a better result of your work hard. Now Let talk about the Factor on which Ranking of Website Depends.

SEO { Search Engine Optimization}

According to Wikipedia, SEO is “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results.” Seo is the process of getting “free, Organic and natural traffic from the search results on search engines like Bing, Google, Yandex, and Yahoo. Some blogger refers to it as the backbone of website revenue.

how to rank on Google

SEO in Website is the same steps carried out to increase DA, PA and Trust score of website/Blog so that it will help the website to rank high on search engine.

Types of SEO

    • Black Hat Seo
    • Gray Hat Seo
    • White Hat  Seo

Black Hat SEO is more frequently method to quick financial return on their Website, rather than a long-term time investment on their Website. Many Search engines blacklist black Hat SEO methods. The practice of Black hat Seo may be ending as Spammy your website. So Stay out of it.

Gray Hat Seo contains some of both Black Hat Seo and White Hat Seo. Its mean it’s not Pure and legal like White Hat Seo and not properly Blacklisted and illegal like Black Hat Seo.

The White Hat SEO is a method which contains optimisation strategies, techniques, and tactics that focus on an Organic audience by keyword search. White Hat Seo takes time to rank on Search Engine, but it is a Long Lasting method.

White Hat Seo Types

    • On page Seo
    • Off page Seo

On page Seo

In simple word, On-Page SEO is setting of your website’s page/Post on a search engine to rank High.

There are three main factors in On page SEO

    • Relevant Content
    • Uniqueness With Quality
    • Keyword Research

Content With uniqueness is a king, The content of a page or post is what makes it worthy of a search result position because it is what the audience came to see on a search engine.

how to rank on Google | seo 2019
how to rank on Google

Let’s Talk about another thing which comes under content. (Meta Tag, Title, Meta Descriptions)

Meta Tag mainly used to provide information about the post and website to search engines. Search engines offer you rank according to your content and which increase the clicks of the rate on your page/website.

Title Tag is one of the most important tags on your post and website. It provides information about the Main topic. It is a Title which the audience sees in the search engine.

Meta Description shows the information is provided on this post and website. The search engine also read this Description to find out the audience for your page/website.

Uniqueness, very few people talk about this Topic. Let me tell you, this is more important. The uniqueness of the Content helps you to rank in search engine easily and fast because of Less Competition. In today’s scenario, Uniqueness of the Content will decide your future in the field of Blogging.

Keyword Research is also the most essential part of writing a blog. Even you can say it is the most difficult one too. Finding a Right keyword for Blog and article is not that easy if you compare it with old time. How much you earn from Blog is going to depend on your Keyword, what type of Keyword you have i.e. High C.P.C and Less Competition. You can do Keyword Research by paid and free method. In Paid methods, there are tons of Tools out in market Like SEMrush, Ahref, Moz and Longtail keyword etc. In free tools, we have the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. By these tools, you can find out the C.P.C of a Keyword, Competition of the Keyword and help you to provide you with a Profitable keyword by research.

Types of keywords Research

Informational Keyword Research:  It is a keyword which provides a piece of information about the topic you want knows or learn.

Transactional Keyword Research: Here when the audience used to buy a service or a product. These Keywords are used to targets this type of Audience.

Location Based Keyword Research: These Keywords Target particular Country Audience and physical location. For example Apple USA (USA),  Flipkart Customer Care (India). You can find out keyword according to Country by using a Google Keyword Planner or Any Paid Tool like Ahref.

Off Page SEO

Off Page, SEO is where you can perform many activities outside of your Page. It will Help you to increase traffic by Rank high on Search engines. Also, it will help you to increase PageRank (It Shows Your Status on Search Engines in a Rank between (0 to 10). More will be the PageRank score high will be the rank on Google.

Easy words, Off-Page SEO is where you can perform many activities outside of the website limits like.

  • Link Building,
  • Social Media Marketing and
  • Social bookmarking

Link Building is one of the most important parts of the SEO and helps you to rank high in Search engines. In easy words, link building is making external links to your website, from the High Domain website so that you can bypass your competitors and rank higher in search engine Fast.

how to rank on Google | SEO in website

For Example. Someone one from the audience like your Page content and wants to reference it from his website or Blog. This show that your website/blog has good knowledge and he wants to reference his website/blog to your website/blog.

Types of Link Building.

Link to another website For example if you wrote an article and that article had contained the word “Customer Care” so you can link it to reference Website  (like Customer Care Website of Any product) but make sure that you have taken an approval from that person. So you should not link without permission.

Directory submission, this is an old method but still in use, but it has no profit like past. There are plenty of directories on Google and Bing. You can submit your Blog/Website in Directories according to categories mentioned in Directory.

Backlink Well, Backlink is an old and good method to rank your blog/ website high in Search Engine. This Method still in use and provide you a good result if you get Backlink from High DA website /Blog. You can get a backlink for your Blog/website by post a comment at the end of someone’s blog.

Types of Backlinks

  • Do follow Backlink
  • No Follow Backlink

Backlinks are the oldest and one of the key factor of SEO in Website, which influence Ranking.

Do follow links allow all search engines to follow them and reach our website. This link is easily followed by both human and Search engine. In easy word Dofollow link is a link that helps to boost PageRank and Give us link juice and a backlink.

How to get an Do follow link?

You can get Do follow link just by adding a Comment in Blog post Comment section. Belowis a special tag for Do follow link

“<a href=http://www.How to Rank on”>Here you Can write anything According to Blog</a>)” you can add it to any comment section to get a DO Follow a link.

NoFollow link is a link that not allows the search engine to follow them to your website only human can follow to your website.

How to get No follow backlink?

Same as like Do follow backlink you can get NO Follow backlink by commenting in the comment section of the blog of others. Mostly comment section ogs

“<a href= to rank on rel=”nofollow”>Write anything but worthy according to blog post</a>)”

Social media marketing: Many social media platforms give you a nofollow link but don’t be sad. It does not mean these links are useless. Have you remembered I also mentioned that the No follow link can follow by human only? Well, a human can follow nofollow link so we can get massive traffic from social media platform for this we have to make a Social media profile according to blog and website, you have.

how to rank on Google | Seo in website 2019

Social bookmarking: In Easy words, I can say that here you can promote your blog according to the content you can find on, Reddit and

Content and Uniqueness

I pick Content and uniqueness all together Because if you combine these term together then this will make your content to Rank high in google. Content is a Real king of blog/website.  I have mentioned an about Content in On-page Seo it’s the same. You can read above in On-page Seo section about the Content and Uniqueness.

High DA Backlinks

DA is referring as Domain Authority, Every website and blog has their DA in scale 0 to 100. That Backlink links whether it’s No Follow or Do Follow are from High DA Website and Blog are known as High DA Backlink.

how to rank on Google | seo 2019

Well, some blogger believes in this trick some not. I have seen many bloggers have got placed on the first page of google and they did not make a single backlink. To rank them on google first page it will take some more month then Blog with backlink support. Without backlink link, you can also rank your page but this will take time and content must have quality and Uniqueness.

Blogs whose are backed by High DA Backlinks rank much faster than other Blogs without backlink but all this depend upon the competition i.e. keyword difficulty. If you have chosen a less Competitive keyword than you can by and you are backing your blog with High DA Backlink, then your blog will take less time to rank in google.


Here is how to rank on Google, we have described fully about SEO and its techniques for Beginner. Also it Will give you an idea of how to rank on Google. If you have any question let us know in comment section below.