Speed Up WordPress Site by WP Speed Optimization and Increase Traffic

Speed Up WordPress Site by WP Speed Optimization and Increase Traffic

The speed of the website matters a lot in Ranking and Traffic factors. If your mobile webpage takes more than 3 seconds, then 53% of user abandon your page. So you can think about how much you are losing organic traffic. According to Amazon, they increased their revenue by 1% for every 100 milliseconds of improvement.

Check your Website Speed and Performance.

You can use these tools for testing your WordPress website speed and performance.

4 thing you can do to Speed Up WordPress Site

Hosting server plays a significant role in speeding up of WordPress website. Before choosing a hosting do your homework and choose Hosting server according to your need. Nowadays cloud hosting is in trend because of its speed, and our recommendation also a Cloud hosting.

Speed Up WordPress Site
Speed Up WordPress Site

Many Hosting company provides you these features also.

  • Fast loading speed
  • Great support
  • Free migration
  • Free SSL
  • Dedicated I.P

Use of Light Theme is also a factor affecting the speed of the website. Make sure you are using the Light theme. If you want to buy a theme with endless features then surely it will be going to be a heavy one. The heavy theme can increase your load time. Go for a light theme and add plugins for better user experience.

Optimize Image is also provides a boost to your website. There are some Plugins Like Smush and EWWW to optimize images. You can use these plugins and notice a 10% to 20% of change in speed and performance of the website.

Use of Cache Plugin is very important in WordPress website. There are tons of plugins available in WordPress, but I used Cheetah cache and Wp total cache plugin for WordPress website.

Speed Up WordPress Site
Speed Up WordPress Site

I hope you will work on these tips which i mentioned in Speed Up WordPress Site article. If you have any Question regarding this post you can ask in comment section below and i will answer it as soon as possible.

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