Google AdSense-Valuable Inventory: No Content | Under Construction | Fixed

Hello, Lets first talk why this Valuable error comes out? Well, These errors are related to Google Adsense violation Like you have insufficient posts, place more ads on the page, no Content on the page but placed an ad, copyright images, Copy articles and your website’s Design error. These are the main errors come out whenever you violated Google Adsense policies. Here, We are going talking and trying to resolve your Adsense Violations error like.

  • Valuable Inventory: Under Construction
  • Valuable Inventory: No Content

Valuable Inventory: Under Construction:

This type of error comes when you apply for Google, and you are doing work on your website like Changing Theme, Heading, Menu Bar changing, Footer Changing, Changing in Ads codes and Change in Pages like About us and Terms & conditions.

Valuable Inventory fix
Valuable Inventory

These are the main reason why you can get this error. Even you have to make Alteast 15 new articles for fast approval from Adsense.
If you have got this error because you have worked on the website when it’s in under Adsense review, then go for Review again. But make sure that you had plenty of articles and fulled constructed Website. If you have, then you are good to go.

Note: No editing and, Design Changing while the website is in the Adsense approval Review.

Valuable Inventory: No Content

This Error only comes when you have very less content or no Content on the website. You need to write more content to get Google Adsense Approval. But If you have enough articles and site is full of Content still you have reached this Error. Then you need to make a change in your website. Have you put only a Code in the Page of a website? Well, if your answer is yes, then this is not going to work. You can use a code for many reasons like Grid View, Or Details View for the post. But google Crawler doesn’t understand that code and give you this error. Make sure you have more content on pages rather than one code.
If you have more than two Categories and One of them has no post in it then this can also lead to No content Error. Make sure every Category have articles.

Note: Make sure you have the canonical set to “HTTPS” and not just “HTTP”.

Conclusion: If you have any questions regarding Valuable Inventory error, you can ask us in comment section below. We will trying to get back you as soon as possible. You can check our article about Google AdSense Approval 2019 to avoid this problem

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