Voice search optimization & How to Voice search optimization

Voice search optimization & How to Voice search optimization

Voice search optimization

Google search engine optimization new searching option that is Voice search is in the game and near about 25% of searches that carried out in a day on Google are carried out by voice search. So in this article, we are going to talk about the “How to do Voice search optimization for a blog or website.” People below 30 years old mostly use voice search. That’s a young audience. Also, the young population is more on the internet as compared to the old one. So it is essential nowadays to optimize website and blog according to the parameter s of voice search.

Adoption of Voice Search

It is comfortable and second, it shows quick results of fast queries. In starting Voice search is not popular but in 2018 it was near about  25% share in search results. According to the graph from 2019 to 2020 it can lift share up to 40% to 45%. Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced that in Google search result one of the fifth queries are a voice search.

Voice search optimization

How Voice search becoming so popular

Smartphones and smart home devices featuring digital assistants like Siri, Bixby pronounced with an ixby (Samsung), Alexa and Google Assistant are the main players of this game.

These new voice digital voice Assistant devices make it easier than ever for people to ask a question and get information from their equipment in the form of text on internet browser and voice in Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Reason by voice search is accepted because this allows for a more natural way to interact with machines by using our native Language.

Voice search optimization

You can use your voice, to order your smart device to get a nearby Hotel and Restaurant. Even you can play music, news and gets weather updates. Also, you can operate your Fan, Lights, TV, and AC.

Mostly Voice search is used for the query about the places, tv show, personalities, weather, and news. If you are asked for some suggestion, then it will give you a relevant and most similar result of your query thanks to AI(Artifical intelligence).

How to Optimize Voice Search

For optimizing voice search, you need to check what is the most used line people is using for search something on the internet. Let’s take an example if you are looking for best Voice assistant, you will search it on google as “what is the best voice assistant” or “List of best voice assistant” or “Best voice assistant in the market.”.

Checkout Images for Example.

Voice search optimization
search for “what is the best voice assistant”

Voice search optimization
Search for “List of best voice assistant”

Voice search optimization
“Best voice assistant in the market”

As you see above example different search results, while it’s the same thing, but we used different words for this small experiment.

It’s much clearer that every people used a different way to approach something they are looking out, so they will use different words for that.

Golden Tip for Voice search optimization is write down at least four sentences for particular similar search on the google but with a different approach. For example, if you are looking for a “Good Voice search optimization.” So you need to focus on what word can person used to carry out this search. Like “how to do voice search optimization”, “voice search optimization 2019” and “voice search optimization Seo 2019 ”. So you need to intermix these sentences so you can get a good result.

This is an only worth tip for voice search optimization rather than you worked on 5 or 10 Tips.

Similarity uses more words in the article’s title because Voice mainly concentrates on two or three words and focus keywords.

Voice search optimization


In future year voice search will grow and whether it’s about searching on the internet or about commanding this is going to accepted by our Generation widely. Also, leave your opinion on what your view about this is.

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