What is Website Optimisation? Website OptimisationTechniques

Website Optimisation

Website optimisation is the process of making a website updated so that it will match all search engines parameter and will appear higher in results pages. Its a part of SEO strategy.

Importance of Website Optimisation

Well, its very important for your website. It increase quantity and quality of traffic on your website. More the traffic more will be the revenue.

Factor on which Website Optimisation

  1. Select Best Title for Website.
  2. Selection of better Meta Description
  3. Search Strategic for phrases
  4. Integrate Site map
  5. Sharing Icon
  6. Relevant Image and optimazation
  7. Use of fast themes

Select Best Title for Website: Selecting Good title for a website is very important. It must be relevant to the topic and posts. This factor matter very much in domain authority.

Meta Description: Text below Title which provide Information about the Post is known as Meta Description. It must be relevant to the Title of the post.

website Optimisation techniques

Strategic for phrases: These Phrases are which we used in Title of the post. We have to follow a Strategy for choosing a Title in Phrase with the keyword. Like if you are Searching for “Hotel in London” so what will be your apporcach on internet to fond it out. E.,g. “best hotel in London”& “List of Hotel in London.” in which “Hotel” is the keyword. So you have to choose a keyword with phrases like this.

Site map: Site map is a file of your website’s web-pages which are submitted to search engine to organized your site content. if you want fast indexation of website then site map is a very important.

Sharing: Nowadays Social media is a huge platform of sharing. Your website must have a sharing icon so that the user can share it on social media.

website Optimisation techniques

Relevant Image: Images play an important role in Website optimization so images must be relevant to the content. Images must be an optimize so that website take less time to load.

Fast Theme: Almost every search engine consider Speed as one of the important ranking factor.

Website speed play an important role in ranking make sure you are using good Server services.

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