Website Review and Google Adsense Approval Process 2019

Website Review and Google Adsense Approval Process 2019

Google Adsense is one of the best sources to earn money by app and website. Google Adsense has updated its policy at the end of 2018 and its not that easy now to get ads to newly added website from the approval Adsense account. If you have an old Adsense approval account and you are planning to add one more website into it just by putting Adsense ad code.

Then it will not work like this now. They have added a review layer in this process, and it will take near about 1-2 weeks for the new site to review, and after that, you able to see ads on your website.Google Adsense Approval Process 2019

The approval process is quite the same like before, but the main change is of the review process to add another website and app in old approval Adsense account. Rest process is mainly the same as before.

Google Adsense Approval Process 2019 – Factors

  • Review of your  app/website for new Adsense account.
  • Your new site must have At least  15 articles with 300 words.
  • 1 to 2 weeks of a time duration in this process and get confirmation mail regarding the approval process.
  • When you reached $10 amount, Adsense will send you a letter at your physical address which carried a pin.
  • The threshold amount is $100.

Newly added Website Review in old Approved Adsense – 2019

  • Minimum 15 articles with 300 words required.
  • It will take near about 2week at least for final approval.
  • Place Adsense code on your new website.
  • You will get a confirmation email from Google Adsense after getting approved.

Note: Google Adsense will not approve more than one account per person. Also, the newly added website from old Approved Adsense account will go through under review for 1-2 weeks.


If you have any questions about Website review and Google Adsense Approval Process 2019, ask in the comment section below. We will try to answer as soon as possible.

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