What is Local SEO | Local SEO strategy.

What is Local SEO | Local SEO strategy.

Local Seo is that SEO where you do Seo for your local business for the local audience. If you want your local store to show in local search results of any search engine and Maps then you need to go for a Local SEO.

In simple words, you can say “Local SEO”  is a powerful tool by which business can expand locally online. Also, you can promote their products and services to local customers according to the local timing.

More than 90% of household in the USA, 80% do shopping within 15miles of the circle from their house. Local SEO will help you to get that more marketing by listing you on search engine through picture and Maps.

Local SEO and Local SEO strategy

Local search is that search query which is carried out for a particular local area related to you have been searching on Google.

For example,” if you are looking for a Good Bakery shop nearby you, then it will show you a local bakery shop nearby you.

Check out above Image, and We searched Bakery Shop in Vegas on Google this is an outcome of our query. At the top, you can see Map location for shops and below that map, you can see a 3 picture of the shop. Well, this side below map also known as Google Snack pack. It shows the top 3 images related to your query in search results. More than 40% of click goes to Snack Pack of Google. Rest other goes to other numbers of snack and organic search.

More than 46% of all Google searches are local as per Google.

Still, now 55% of local business owner hasn’t listed on Google My Business listing.

“Google Business Listing”

Google Business listing is a platform where you can post your business on Google.

It displays your business’s contact number, Pictures, and Map location, which make it very easy to find out by searchers.

Local SEO and Local SEO strategy

Here, you can see it showing a map location of the bakery shop which was searched by us.


Local SEO and Local SEO strategy

Below the map, Google search query for Bakery shop will show 3 picture of the bakery shop and this 3 picture area is known as a snack pack.

Check out Below Snack pack. You can see Organic search results.

Local SEO and Local SEO strategy

“How to Rank in Local search.”

There are Three Main factor on which it depends,

Distance: This is one of the most important factors which play a significant role in ranking at a local search engine. The distance between the searcher and your physical business address.

Review Rating: the Second factor that depends is a rating system, about the quality and services you provide.

Relevant: The last one is the relevance of your service and product.

“local seo strategy.”

Essential for Local Seo Strategy 2019

Website localization this means you need to put your physical business address. Where it locate so that it can be related to the local search query.

Google Business Listing, Also list your business on Google Business list. It will help you to display on Google search engine by picture and maps.

Mobile Friendly, make sure you have a mobile-friendly website. More than 70% of searches are carried out on mobile so it’s essential to have a mobile-friendly site. You can also use AMP to accelerate your website page load speed.

Rating and Review, Get honest and Genuine review and good star rating from customers by providing them with excellent services and give them exactly what they are looking for.

Get Good and Relevant black links, Go for good and high DA website and relevant backlinks to get good ranking in search engine.


Google Business Listing is a Good Platform, where you can display your business on Google search. Google says people search local more than any other search. So it is an excellent opportunity to grow your local business

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