What is Niche in Blogging | How to start a niche Blog

What is Niche in Blogging | How to start a niche Blog

Niche Blogging is when you start writing about one thing only. These are the blogs with one subject with a target to their audience. For instance: You have a passion for Gardening also you have good knowledge about the flowers like how to take care of flowers and improve gardening skills. So when you were going to start a blog on Gardening, then your niche will be gardening. The main Topic on Which you have started a Blog is known as Niche.

Get idea about a Niche

Its not that easy search on internet and pick one niche and start working on it. First you need to know what is your Interest, on what topic you can write daily content. If you have that Topic you can start write on it. Like Car, Travel and Fashion.

how to start a niche blog
how to start a niche blog

But if you don’t have any interest and its very hard to select niche. Then you can search it on google and pick one Niche regarding your interest. If you have selected a niche but don’t have much knowledge about it then you need to invest time in reading about your selected niche. its a only way by which you can gather knoledge about your niche. when you are ready then you are good to go.

How to start a niche Blogging

  1. As I mentioned above know your Passion. If not then gather knowledge about the Selected niche.
  2. Work on niche blogs as an Aim to help People, not for the money purpose.
  3. Select Relevant Keyword for your Blog. It’s essential and the future of your blogs will depend upon your keyword selection. So do proper reasearch before selecting a Keyword.
  4. Select how much Categories you want in a blog.
  5. Monetize niche Blog which you think its a Right Time. Not Montize your niche blog too early.
  6. Maintain Regularity on your Blog’s site.
  7. Connect your blog with your Social media accounts to drive traffic to your blog. Also, it will help your blog to get better Da score.

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