What is PageRank (PR) | How to Improve PageRank

What is PageRank (PR) | How to Improve PageRank

Page Rank is a search engine Parameter, which is developed by Google. It does also give you an idea about the page value to Google. It has 0 to 10 score range, higher the score higher will be the page rank on Google search engine.

In other words, we can say PageRank is a parameter from which we can estimate the Value of the page by its content quality. Higher the PageRank higher will be the importance of this your webpage.

Main Difference between Domain Authority vs. PageRank

The single and main difference between Da and PR. Domain Authority measures the overall ranking of entire domains or subdomain, But PR only measures the Page Rank Individually.

Check PageRank

There are plenty of options on the internet from where you can check your PR some of them free, and some will cost you some bucks for their services.

page rank, seo page rank

In paid services, we have moz, ahref, sumo and many more. And in free we also have plenty of free option for this you need to search on Google PageRank checker and will show you many free services. Like checkpagerank.net,  smallseotools.com.

Check PageRank

How to Improve PageRank

Ranking your website on the first page isn’t possible without PageRank. PageRank play an essential role in it. Which gives your score at the scale of 0 to 10 which estimated quality of your content by giving it score from 0 to 10.

Factor for improving PageRank

page rank and seo page rank

Relevant and Quality content.

First, the most important factor which helps you to improve your page rank is quality content. Content should be useful and unique and should use relevant content according to your website niche. “Quality content is king” so your main focus should be on accurate and quality content. Focus Keyword and page content must be relevant to the meta description of the webpage.


Your website content must be well optimized in off page seo and on page seo.

No overwriting of keywords in content. Relevant  Meta description for the page as per title. There is some excellent plugin available in WordPress like Yoast and ALL in one seo, etc. These plugins will help you to optimize your web page.

Social Signal

Nowadays social media play a significant roll in our life and also its have its importance in page ranking factor too.

page rank, Seo page rank

How much your webpage has social appearance its also impact your PageRank factor also. You must add the most famous Social signal in your web pages like whatsapp, Twitter, and FB by which audience can share your post on their social media account.


These are the three main factor on which PR depends. If you have some question regarding the Seo page rank, you can write to us in the comment section. We will try to get back to your question as soon as possible.

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